Rauch: fabrics manufacturer near Lyon, in Rhône Alpes

Our company Rauch – a textile manufacturer settled in Lyon – intervenes all over France and across Europe in order to bring you the textile solutions adapted to your needs.

As textile creators, we are also tarlatan manufacturers. Established since 1852, we have developed our expertise and we are now able to give you a wide choice of services. Whether you are in construction, industrial or agri-food sectors, Rauch will be your reliable partner.

Our professionals master a wide range of fabrics transformation techniques as well as textile fabrics finishing: whitening, dyeing, finishing, coating, etc.

As specialists in warp and weft fabrics, we offer a wide range of colors and models to our customers.

Please contact us to know more about Rauch Company and our services. Our technical studies are free. One-on-one advice can be given according to your needs.